University Scholarship Program


Funding for higher education is the first concern that students from low-income families in Vietnam have after receiving their admissions to university.

The nearly poverty to poverty income racket is 1200USD and below, while the tuition for public university in Vietnam is at least 600USD per year alone. Higher education is often a heavy burden for low-income families and as a result, many students give up on their dream for manual work to support their families.

Furthermore, most unprivileged students who often grew up in far-flung towns and provinces will be moving to big cities for the first time for college, and resettling to the cities pose not only financial burden but also life circumstance challenge for the students.

During this transition, financial assistance and a nurturing community will provide students the initial support needed for them to learn and adapt to the new chapter of their life quickly.

Our Approach

The goal of University Scholarship program is to lift the heavy financial burden as well as build a platform to prepare first-year university students for their success in the future.

The program provides scholarships of $300, sufficient to cover half of tuition and educational supplies for the first year for students. And all students received USP awards are also qualified for other community and leadership programs such as Youth Development Program, Youth Workshop Program, and Alumni Development Program that provide them soft-skill training for community service and career development.

Funded (USD)

Our Outcomes

VietHope has been awarding more than 1,787 scholarships to unprivileged students in Saigon, the Mekong Delta and Hue

  • In 2018, VietHope awarded 127 scholarships of $300 each.
  • In 2017, VietHope awarded 100 scholarships of $300 each.
  • In 2016. VietHope awarded 90 scholarships of $225 each.
  • In 2013, 2014, 2015, each year we awarded 80 scholarships of $200 each.
  • In 2012 and 2011, 100 students each year were awarded $160 scholarships.
  • In 2010, 100 students were each awarded $160.
  • In 2009, 280 students were selected for scholarships of $150 each.

In addition to financial support, approximately 25% of USP recipients each year receive admission into VietHope’s Youth Development Program, an intensive 7-day residential leadership development experience. And from 2021, all USP recipients each year is guaranteed admissions to Youth Development Program.

List of universities partnering with VietHope:

  • HCMC University of Natural Science
  • HCMC University of Economics
  • HCMC Medicine and Pharmacy University
  • HCMC University of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Hue University of Agriculture
  • Hue University of Economics
  • Can Tho University

Outcome Highlight

VietHope has awarded more than 1,787 scholarships to students from low-income families in Saigon, the Mekong Delta and Hue city.


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