Viet Hope Newsletter No. 01 – 2021

Greetings to all VietHopers! It has been a year since the pandemic hit and became a global phenomenon. Yet, through thick and thin, VietHope operations have never once faltered and are ready to come back stronger than ever as the pandemic nears its end!

VietHope soon made adjustments in its way of doing things to adapt to its new normal state. VietHope members are working hard to prepare for the exciting return of the Youth Development Program 2021 and a variety of activities to support and unite undergraduates, students and volunteers of VietHope together. With the rise of newly recruited Vice Presidents, continual support from VietHope’s scholarship programs, and exciting upcoming activities, the future of VietHope is bright for the community despite the struggling times during the pandemic.

How will VietHope make a strong comeback? Be sure to keep reading below to see how events like Humans of VietHope’s first ever contest and the preparation for a return of Summit have been instrumental to carrying out VietHope’s mission and providing an exciting fresh start as the world gradually returns to normalcy.

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